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Agri-Fab 42" Drop Spreader 45-0288
Agri-Fab 42" Drop Spreader 45-0288

Agri-Fab 42" Drop Spreader 45-0288

Product Code: 45-0288
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A practical and convenient way to apply grass seeds, granular fertilisers and herbicides over very large areas. The distribution of spread-medium is kept within the area between the wheels, so wastage is virtually eliminated and you won't end up applying material to areas where it's not required.

The large 175lb hopper makes it possible to cover a huge 40,000 sq. ft on one hopper's worth of spread medium. It has a 41" controlled spread width.

It is built to last, with its rust-proof Polypropylene hopper and galvanised steel spreader which both contribute to a long product life. Wide large-diameter tyres ensure you won't damage the turf when turning, while also aiding manoeuvrability and traction.

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