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MSGTS1304RG Chipper

MSGTS1304RG Chipper

Product Code: MSGTS1304RG

The new MSGTS1304RG wood chipper is equipped with caterpillar tracks to operate on rough and hard to access terrain. Therefore, this machine is not only suitable for garden and park, but also for forestry. The new construction can easily manage steep hills up to 20°. The chassis is specially lowered, making the input height only 10 cm higher than the MSGTS1304RG on wheels.

The MSGTS1304RG is a powerful wood chipper with compact dimensions. Therefore, the machine fits in a mini-van, on each trailer and even through a standard garden gate.

The shredding system consists of a metal drum (rotor) on which 2 blades are mounted. This works fast, efficient and has a high capacity. The system pulls in fresh wood with a diameter of up to 10 cm (dry wood up to Ø 8 cm), after which this is effortlessly shredded into fine wood chips.

The wood chips are ejected high and are discharged straight into a trailer or wheel barrow via the turnable output chute with adjustable deflector. The wood chipper comes standard with PRO blades, that last twice as long as regular blades.

The MSGTS1304RG is certified by TÜV Rheinland and meets the highest safety standards.

RRP £5999.00
Warranty 2 year (conditional)
Deflector adjust continuously to 85°
Weight (approx) 210 kg
Blade 2 Pro blades one counter blade
Power 15hp / 11.kW
Max. diameter wood 10 cm
Input height 110 cm
Input 34 x 42 cm
Output height 155 cm
Output deflector yes
Emergency Stop panic bar.
Dimensions (L X W X H) 90 x 106 x 155 cm

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