A healthy lawn needs a healthy diet

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Why fertilise?

Fertilise for a healthy green lawnTo achieve a good looking lawn it takes more than just fresh air alone. Like other plants it needs a balanced supply of nutrients in order to grow really well. Fertiliser is designed to feed your lawn with the nutrients it needs for growth, colour, root strength and overall health. When these nutrients are applied properly, your lawn will look great and be more resistant to diseases, pests and extreme weather conditions.


When should I fertilise?

Some people like to fertilise in the spring to get the lawn off to a healthy start. However, we suggest using caution at the beginning of the growing season because early spring applications of high nitrogen products can cause a growth surge that is bad for the lawn in spite of the lush looking results.


During a growth surge, most of the plant’s energy goes to the top of the grass, at the cost of the root system. If you want to fertilise in the spring it is advisable to use a low nitrogen product.


Fertilising during the summer gives your lawn the strength to thrive during its main growing season. Not only is growth itself demanding on the plant chemistry, but mowing, raking, aerating, etc., all apply added stress to your lawn. A healthy, well-fed lawn will be able to cope better with these stresses, as well as with extremes in weather and possible pest damage.


In the autumn, fertilising gives your lawn an extra boost to help it through the winter. It also provides excellent preparation for the following spring, helping the grass to resume growth and to green-up early in the season, without the growth surge .


Applying fertiliser

A good system is to start at the edges of your lawn first. For a square or rectangular lawn, make two passes at opposite ends of the lawn; for an irregular or circular lawn, make two passes around the perimeter. Then move back and forth in straight lines between the edges, making sure to turn the spreader off when turning around. With a drop spreader, overlap the path of the wheel to avoid striping.


After fertilising, water the lawn thoroughly, but not too heavily, to wash the nutrients off the grass and gently down into the soil.


WOLF-Garten for a Green & Healthy Lawn

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