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Autumn Advice - Scarifying your Lawn

Posted On: 24/09/2014

During the autumn period, you will find that heavy thatch or moss infestations that require deeper scarifying or raking become very important. Some might ask why?


Heavy raking or scarifying is going to seriously thin the lawn leaving soil exposed in many places. This makes an ideal seed bed not only for over seeding with new and improved grass seed but also for all the weed and weed grass seeds floating around. By confining this intensive treatment to August or September you will avoid the bulk of the years weed seeds, also before temperatures fall and growth stops. There is no better way to scarify your lawn than with our diverse range of MTD scarifiers. 

Take a deep, conscious breath... That's the way your lawn feels after scarification. Twice a year, ideally in the autumn, you should free your lawn from moss. Our MTD Electric Scarifier combines light weight with efficiency. It is an ideal solution for small and medium sized lawns. This scarifier includes a catcher bag, and is designed for intuitive handling. The fixed tines take up moss and thatch with ease and with the included aerator shaft they aerate the lawn gently like a rake.

Our petrol scarifier offers different benefits. It offers you a machine with 15 or 16 blades. The working depth can be selected by adjusting a lever mounted on the handle, ensuring you can select the correct setting for light scarification. The fixed tines which are made of steel are effective at scarifying while the large rear mounted collector catches the raked-out material, making this a one pass option.

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