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Tractors - How to choose the right lawn tractor.

Posted On: 17/04/2015

How to choose the right lawn tractor.

Type of landscape 

Choose a product with wider wheels and a powerful engine for hilly or sloping ground. Our suspended cutting deck is excellent for larger and uneven lawn areas as it can easily adapt to ground conditions. 


Lawn size 
The lawn area is one of the key factors for choosing the right product.  

Collection, Discharge, Mulching 

1. Collection 

To achieve a professional, perfect cut, the grass clippings can be bagged and composted separately. On all models with rear discharge, the grass catcher can be emptied comfortably from the driver’s seat.

2. Discharge 

The clippings can be discharged with the aid of a deflector. This is recommended when collection is not required.

3. Mulching 

Mulching has the advantage that the soil is fertilised with the grass clippings. The clippings with their nutrients are an ideal natural fertiliser. Mulching is recommendable in the dry summer months to prevent the lawn from drying out. Most models can be equipped with an additional mulch kit. 


Transmatic Transmissions 
Shift-on-the-go. The Transmatic transmission allows for continuously variable shifting. Choose your basic speed by moving the speed shift lever and start mowing. By pressing on the brake pedal you can slow down your speed and start again without having to change gears. Releasing the brake pedal, the tractor automatically resumes your preset speed.

Hydrostatic transmissions

The hydrostatic transmission allows for smoothly and precise manoeuvring. On our tractors with rear discharge, you can control velocity as well as the infinitely variable forward and reverse speed by the tilt foot pedal. Thus, you can leave both hands at the steering wheel, there is no need to operate the clutch or shift gear. On our tractors with side discharge, the drive can be handled very comfortable by manual lever on the side.

With a few simple steps you can adapt your tractor to the season and the operating conditions. Many of our tractors have all four functions.

Our tractors are very clever in every detail.

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