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Lawnmowers - How to choose the right mower

Posted On: 10/04/2015

How to choose the right mower

No two gardens are alike. Some people can hardly wait to mow their lawn, whereas for others it is a chore. One thing is certain: choose the right product and work is fun. Lawnflite certainly has the right product to suit your needs.

Type of landscape

Choose a self propelled lawn mower with large wheels for hilly, sloping or uneven ground or for places that are hard to reach.

Lawn size

To determine the mower best for you, this handy chart can help you decide.


When choosing your lawnmower it is important that it has the functionality you require whether it is available as an optional accessory or comes as a standard feature. 

Mulching, Bagging, Discharge.

When mulching, the grass clippings with their nutrients can ideally be used as a natural green fertiliser. Read more about mulching here:-


Characteristics for a mulching mower are the domed shape of the cutting deck and the specially shaped mulching blade. Thanks to its profile it creates an air vortex inside the cutting deck that keeps the clippings suspended and swirling around long enough for them to be cut into fine pieces. This way you can literally make your grass clippings disappear.

1. Mulching saves time

There is no collecting and disposal of clippings

2. Mulching saves money

Reduces your fertiliser and irrigation costs. Clippings are a valuable natural fertiliser for you lawn.

3. Mulching protects your lawn

Reusing your clippings protects your lawn against excessive sunlight. So it maintains its healthy green colour.

To maximise the benefits of mulching, you should never cut more than one third of the height of the grass with each mowing (max 3cm) and you should mow regularly; once or twice a week in the main growth period.

Preferably the lawn should be dry when mulching (do not mow early in the morning or straight after a rain shower!)

Grass Catcher

Lawn mowers with a grass catcher ensure a clean and tidy lawn.

Side and rear discharge

Lawn mowers with a rear or side discharge can demonstrate their benefits especially with long or wet grass.

Some of our lawnmowers offer you a choice of functions.

Petrol Engines for Lawn mowers


Numerous SMART and OPTIMA models are equipped with the MTD ThorX engine. OHV means, the valves and the spark plug are directly arranged on the top of the piston in the centre of the combustion chamber. This guarantees the best and most effective combustion of the fuel-air-mixture and reduces the noxious content of the exhaust emissions.


With their latest technology, the Briggs and Stratton engines of the 450, 500, 600  E-Series and the 675 EX-Series used on our ROLLER lawn mowers, are the best rated in terms of engine power and torque, as well as reduced emissions. These engines are the perfect choice for lawn mowers for small and medium-size lawns.


The Honda GCV Engine range is made for a wide range of outdoor power equipment These engines are low-maintenance and have an automatic compression release system which makes starting very easy. Honda only use high quality materials and specially produced components which guarantee a longlife usage.

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