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Product Focus - The Loncin Inverter Generator

Posted On: 26/07/2016

The Loncin Inverter Generator is extremely quiet and reliable; whether you need convenience power or emergency power it is up to the task in hand. Lightweight but rugged the easily portable Loncin Inverter Generator is ready to go wherever and whenever you need a reliable power source. Take it camping, to a building site or to any outdoor/sporting event and it will provide safe, clean and reliable power. You can trust it to run all your electrics from today's essential electronics to small power tools - even sensitive items such as laptops with no interruptions or disturbances. 

The Loncin Inverter Generator uses an advanced Engine Smart Control with a variable engine speed; this means that only the required engine power is used, giving you an environmentally friendly 11% fuel saving and lower noise levels, making it perfect to use for camping trips or other environments where noise could be an issue. If more power is required, the parallel-ready design of the LC2000i-S model allows for connecting two units together via cables. The 100% copper-wound heads allow the generators to operate at full load continuously for weeks without overheating and therefore lasting longer, running cooler and without corroding compared to aluminium heads. 

The portable, clean, quiet power provided by the Loncin Inverter Generator will bring convenience to your home or workplace and leaving you to enjoy outdoor leisure life all the more!

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