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Tondu TMT 26-5B

Posted On: 21/05/2015

In the light of its special mention in the Horticulture Week magazine, it is no surprise that the Tondu TMT 26-5B has been catching the eye of gardeners across the UK.

£249? Including VAT? That gets you a hedge cutter, line trimmer, bladed brushcutter, pole pruner and an extension piece to let you reach higher up the hedge or tree! The multi-tool was introduced in the UK by E P Barrus last year, and with a 26cc two-stroke engine and full crankshaft, the attachments are extremely simple to fit.


For tough overgrown areas this Tondu kit provides a brushcutter attachment with three-tooth metal brush blades (see below), while lighter trimming of grass is catered for with a bent-shaft, nylon-line trimmer. By itself the hedge cutter reaches serious heights but by adding the extension shaft a further 70cm can be attained to get at those difficult branches.

Power unit and all attachments are remarkably lightweight, despite being solid and well constructed. Features like this mean that even beginner gardeners will find them easy and less tiring than heavier machines.

For more information on the Tondu TMT 26-5B click here.

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