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Product Code: MSGTS900COMPO

Multifunctional chipper for branches and grass.

The GTS 900 COMPO is a multifunctional chipper with two different outputs. The high output can be used for shredding branches up to 8cm (3") and other dry materials. Wood chips are ejected and can be collected in a trailer or container. The low output is suitable for soft, wet materials - such as grasses, hedge shavings, plant debris and leaves. The shredded material accelerates the composting process. Green waste no longer has to be disposed; it's recycled on the spot to make valuable compost. Both outputs are easy to assemble and disassemble allowing you to change quickly between the two configurations.
Due to the wide input the GTS 900 COMPO can process big volumes at once. Add its efficient rotor drum chipping system and a high working speed is guaranteed.
Two ergonomic handles at the front of the machine allow you to move the machine around your garden or field so there is no need to move the branches to the machine. The machine also has a foot activated safety button that stops the machine immediately.

The machine comes with a wooden push tool and grid as standard.

"A multifunctional shredder. Ornamental grasses, plant debris, hedge clippings and large amounts of leaves, this machine can handle everything"

GTM Professional
Input Height 101cm / 39.8"
Input Dimensions 40 x 28 cm / 15.7“ x 11“
Output Height High 138cm / 54.36“, Low 35cm / 13.8“
Output Direction Side - chipping / Rear - shredding
Deflector Side - 80 degrees adjustable / Rear - fixed
Safety Items Emergency switch
Wheels Ball Bearings
Transmission Double V Belts
Blades PRO Blades
Dimensions (L x W x H) 125 x 67 x 138cm / 49.2“ x 26.4“ x 54.3“
RRP inc VAT £3,199
Weight (approx) 140kg - 151kg / 309 - 333lbs
Brush Diameter 8 cm / 3.1“

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