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GTM Elephants Trunk
GTM Elephants Trunk

GTM Elephants Trunk

Product Code: MHH01010N2

The GTM Professional Elephants Trunk will help you to trim hedges all day long without muscle strain and will double your workspeed.

The comfortable harness is worn like a backpack and reduces the weight of the hedge trimmer by 3 kg. The length can be adjusted and is suitable for hedge trimmers from 4.5kg to 8kg.

A clear view and an unlimited work area will help you to work quicker and with greater safety and improved accuracy.

GTM Professional Elephants Trunk – for gardeners and professionals.

For Hints and Tips on how to use the Elephants Trunk watch this Video >

For more information on how to assemble the Elephants Trunk watch this Video >

RRP £299

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