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GTM Chippers & Treecare

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GTM Chippers & Treecare

GTM Professional wood chippers are designed and produced by De Wild B.V., a family owned business with 50 years of experience and a passion for green care.
The GTM Professional range of compact and powerful wood chippers are designed to offer a portable option to expert gardeners and professionals for chipping branches and shredding leaves and crops into useful material like mulch and compost - perfect for tree care, landscaping, forestry and garden maintenance.
Efficient, effective and safe to operate due to their chipping system and unique drum design - a rotor with two PRO double-sharpened blades that rotate against the counter blade at high speed. the system pulls branches up to 12cm thick into the machine, chips them, and ejects clean cut woodchips time after time.

The adjustable deflector can throw the woodchips into a wheelbarrow, trailer or directly on to the ground. The strong PRO blades made of high-alloy steel are reversible and can be sharpened up to 4 times. The extra wide chute means that it is rarely necessary to remove inside branches which guarantees a high capacity and efficient working speed.

A solid chassis ensures that the wood chipper is perfectly balanced, even on rough terrains. They can easily be operated and moved by one person and because of the compact dimensions they are easy to transport.

In contrast to the disposal of pruning waste, chipping saves valuable space, time and money as well as turning the carbon footprint of a business around through reducing waste.

All the machines are extensively tested for safety and ease of use and meet the highest standards. Safety features include a switch to immediately stop the motor, panic bar and rotor locking system. We also recommend wearing a face visor and gloves when using the wood chippers.

Wood chips are perfect to use as a mulch or soil improver, for example in a vegetable garden where they provide protection against the effects of the sun and help the soil retain moisture. They are also ideal to use as a filling material for paths and borders. Composting also creates valuable resources for the garden.

GTM Professional equipment helps to minimise the impact on the environment since by shredding branches and other organic waste its decomposition time is reduced to a minimum, optimising the natural cycle and increasing the quality of the soil.

GTM Professional has a wood chipper suitable for all your needs.





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