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MSGTS1300WDG15 Chipper

MSGTS1300WDG15 Chipper

Product Code: MSGTS1300WDG15

A self-propelled powerful wood chipper for professional use.
The MSGTS1300WDG15 wood chipper can shred fresh cut wood with a maximum diameter of 10 cm (4”)and dry wood of 8 cm (3”). The battery powered (2 x 12 V)
self-propelled system has an impressive autonomy of 9.5 kms on flat paved ground and approximately 3 kms on hilly or muddy terrain.The driving system can handle
slopes up to 15°. Steering is easy thanks to the two swivelling wheels that are mounted on a swing axle so the chipper can go through rough and uneven terrain.

GTM Professional
Diameter of Branches 10 cm / 4“
Input Height 103 cm / 41“
Input Dimensions 50 x 28 cm / 20“ x 11“
Output Height 163 cm / 64“
Deflector 100 degree adjustable
Safety Items Rotor blocking system, panic bar, safety lever
Transmission 2 speed settings
Blades Double grinded blades (2x)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 150 x 73 x 163 cm / 59“ x 29“ x 64“
Weight (Depends on Engine) 235 kg / 518 lbs
Type 420 cc Loncin
RRP inc VAT £5395
Tags: chipper

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