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GTM Rattlewedge
GTM Rattlewedge GTM Rattlewedge

GTM Rattlewedge

Product Code: KSIRW0000

The GTM Professional Rattlewedge has been developed by arborists for you – to improve the security and working conditions when you are felling trees or cutting up large pieces of wood. The Rattlewedge  can be inserted into the notch made in the wood and tightened up to open up the notch, allowing you to control when the tree will fall.

The Rattlewedge helps you control the wood without any effort, whether you are in the tree or on the ground.

Made of lightweight aluminimun and weighing only 1.4kg, it can be easily carried up into the tree and the weight of the tree will make the task of felling that much easier and safer.

GTM Professional Rattlewedge – for gardeners and professionals.

RRP £199

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