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Agri-Fab is the largest supplier of tractor accessories in the world. Made in the US the products are designed for homeowners who want a beautiful lawn, yet want the job of lawn care to be quick and easy. Agri-Fab's quality and time-saving products will ensure you get the most out of your lawn tractor, making lawn care easy, year after year.

With our extensive range of Agri-Fab Garden and Lawn Tractor products and accessories, there is hardly a job in the garden that cannot be tackled. We offer a wide range of trailed and push equipment including trailers, spreaders, lawn rollers, aerators, de-thatchers, sprayers, sweepers and more. 

Most Agri-Fab products can be towed behind your Lawn Tractor and/or ATV.



Agri-Fab Aerators
Why use an Aerator? Aeration is the process of inserting holes in the ground which opens up the s..
Agri-Fab De-Thatchers
Why use a De-Thatcher? De-thatching removes the thick layer of decaying plant material that can b..
Agri-Fab Rollers
Why use a Roller? Agri-Fab rollers are ideal whether you're looking to bed-in freshly laid turf, ..
Agri-Fab Smartlink
The Agri-Fab SmartLINK system is an incredibly innovative system which allows different tools to be ..
Agri-Fab Sprayers
Why use a Sprayer? A sprayer can be filled with insecticides, fertilisers and weed killers and wh..
Agri-Fab Spreaders
Why use a Spreader? Using a spreader allows you to have the most accurate and even distribution o..
Agri-Fab Sweepers
Why use a Sweeper? Using a lawn sweeper to clear away leaves, grass clippings and garden debris i..
Agri-Fab Trailers
Why use a Trailer? A trailer will efficiently and easily carry a load for you on the back of your..
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