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Warranty Policy

Dear Customer, thank you for purchasing your product from, a trading name of E P Barrus Limited (EPB). We hope you will be happy using it. In the unlikely event that your product needs guarantee service, please contact your installing dealer or contact us at either: or telephone 01869 363641

1.     Users Statement of Warranty

Each new machine is warranted against defective material or assembly of material under normal usage.  The warranty applies to the original purchaser and covers faulty parts and the labour involved in replacing and repairing those parts, which are of original manufacture.  All warranty work and services must be carried out by an authorised Barrus service agent.


  1. Period of Warranty

All Cub Cadet and Wolf Garten Products carry a 3-year domestic user warranty. Please see the separate warranty statements for these products.


All MTD, Lawnflite, Lawnflite Pro, GTM, products carry a 2-year domestic user warranty.  The warranty on Agri-Fab products is 3 Years and the Warranty on Schiller products (Mantis, Classen & Little Wonder) is variable.  Please refer to the item to see the period of warranty.


  1. This is Subject to an annual out of season service at an authorised Barrus service agent.
  2. All commercial products have a 1-year warranty from date of sale for Professional users.
  3. There is a Limited 90 day warranty from the date of sale when used for hire or reward.
  4. All Engines, Gearboxes and Transmissions are subject to their manufacturer’s warranty statement which will be supplied with the machine.
  5. Replacement Spare Parts (fitted by an authorised Barrus service agent) carry a 6 months warranty.
  6. All batteries carry a 1-year warranty from the date of sale.


Tractors and Ride-on Mowers second and third year warranty cover

Cub Cadet tractors, ride-on mowers & zero turn tractors when used by a domestic user will require a service within its first and second year to register the machine for its second and third-year warranty.  Failure to complete service schedules will render the additional cover null and void.

MTD and Lawnflite tractors / ride-on mowers when used by domestic users require a service within its first year to qualify for the second-year warranty.


Robotic Mower warranty cover

For RT, RK and XR5 robotic lawn mowers, the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty is three (3) years and for the batteries plugged into the robotic lawn mowers, there is a one (1) year warranty, each commencing on the date of sale.



  1. What this Warranty Policy does not cover

(a)            The warranty policy does not cover any depreciation or damages caused by ordinary wear, rusting or corrosion, lack of correct maintenance or operation, misuse, abuse, lack of transportation or accident, lack of correct maintenance by unauthorised persons.

(b)            The warranty policy does not cover any costs necessary for the standard periodic maintenance services instructed by the owner’s manual, or service parts replacement which would include oil, filters, tyres, belts, batteries, brake linings, fabric grass bags, fuses, blades, seals, bearings and other service items, unless it can be proven that the item has evidence of faulty manufacture.  These items can fail due to normal wear, or through lack of maintenance. Note: failure to carry out winter charging on batteries will void the battery warranty.

 (c)           The warranty policy will not cover failure or damage caused as a result of parts or accessories being modified without the written approval of Barrus.

(d)            The warranty policy will not cover the unit if non-genuine parts have been fitted and as a result damage has occurred to the unit.

                  (e)            The warranty policy is non-transferable and is only applicable to the original purchaser.


4.             Disclaimer

(a)            This warranty is only a remedy for defects of products. Barrus will never warrant in terms of the merchantability or the fitness for a particular purpose.

(b)            No person is authorised to make any warranties, representations or promises, expressed or implied, on behalf of Barrus, or to modify the terms conditions or limitations of this warranty policy in any way.

(c)            Neither Barrus nor any company affiliated with Barrus shall be liable in any event or manner whatsoever for incidental or consequential damages or injuries, including, but not limited to, loss of crops, damage to grass, loss of profits, rental of substitute equipment or other commercial losses.


5.             General

(a)            Most warrantable failures show up within the first few weeks of use. These failures are usually straightforward and warranty assessment is relatively easy.

(b)            Failures relating to cutter decks and belts need careful investigation, as the cause may not always be straightforward.  Look for damage to blades and pulleys especially when the cutter belt has snapped as this could be due to impact damage.

(c)            Customers should always refer to the operator manual when any disputed problem arises.  You will find most areas are covered within the manual.

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