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MSGTS750G Chipper

MSGTS750G Chipper

Product Code: MSGTS750G

Compact chipper, Powerful performance

The GTS750 is as compact as the GTS600, but with a greater performance due to a wider and heavier rotor system. Specially designed for semi-professionals and high demanding private users, this wood chipper can handle branches of fresh wood up to 7cm (2.8") in diameter (dry wood: 5.5cm / 2.2"). the chips are thrown out at a height of 77cm, all standard wheelbarrows fit underneath.

The GTS750 is light in weight, perfectly balanced and easy to manoeuvre with its large pneumatic wheels and double transport handles. The high handle serves to easily push the machine, whilst the low handle makes pulling the machine easy. The efficient rotor chipping system, directly mounted on the shaft guarantees the highest possible working speed.
In addition the machine is equipped with and emergency stop button that immediately stops the engine.

"The most compact version of a professional wood chipper."

GTM Professional
Diameter of Branches 7cm / 2.8"
Input Height 111cm / 44"
Input Dimensions 25 x 31cm / 10" x 12"
Output Height 77cm / 30"
Output Direction Rear
Deflector 55 degrees adjustable
Safety Items Emergency button
Wheel Diameter 26cm / 10.2"
Wheels 26cm with ball bearings
Transmission Direct drive
Blades Double sharpened blades
Dimensions (L x W x H) 183 x 62 x 144cm / 72" x 24" x 57"
Weight (Depends on Engine) 90kg / 198lbs
RRP £1999

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