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Agri-Fab Four Wheel Garden Trailer 45-0594

Agri-Fab Four Wheel Garden Trailer 45-0594

Product Code: 45-0594

The 45-0594 swivel and dump garden trailer has a 500lb load capacity. It will easily help you transport plants, dirt, sand, gravel, mulch and much more. This easy to use trailer is an excellent alternative to a wheel barrow and if it gets loaded too heavy to pull, simply convert from pull to tow in seconds and let a garden tractor do all the heavy pulling for you.
This trailer comes with a sturdy 45 x 31.3 x 10.75" polypropylene bed. The trailer is also equipped with 13 x 14"! pneumatic knobby tyres which give you easy manoeuvrability over the roughest terrain.

There is an ergonomic heavy-duty latch system to make this trailer easy to dump with a 90 degree angles for easy clearing of the bed.

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