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How to get the perfect firewood.

Posted On: 08/09/2015


With autumn now upon us there’s nothing like the warmth and glow of a cosy log fire to get you through the dark cold evenings.

To get the perfect firewood for your fire may involve cutting logs with an axe, not only is this method time consuming but also dangerous, however with modern log splitters the job is made much easier and safer. 

Log splitters work by forcing the wood to be split against a hefty steel wedge using hydraulic power generated by either an electric motor or a petrol engine.

Lawnflite offers a full range of high quality electric and petrol driven log-splitters. For use in areas where noise will cause a problem and for most household uses we have 5 electric models with a splitting force of 4 to 7 ton. Where noise is not an issue and there is a need for increased power we have 3 petrol models with splitting forces of 7 ton to a whopping 25 ton. All Lawnflite and MTD log-splitters are fitted with wheels for transportation and are operated by a 2 handed control system to ensure safe working practice

Optional legs are also available to lift the log-splitter to standing working height, making them more comfortable and easier to operate.

Log splitters cut down preparation time so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your roaring fire!




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