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Over 80-year success story - Our History

Posted On: 09/07/2015

Who is MTD?

MTD, the "Modern Tool and Die Company", with its headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio is the world's largest manufacturer of motorised gardening tools. MTD Products Inc. was founded in 1932 and is still family owned. MTD has manufacturing capacities in the USA, Europe, Asia and Canada. The company enjoys the additional suport of a global network of dealers who share in the corporate philosophy of dedication, integrity and, above all, customer service.

MTD - High performance, fair price

The most comprehensive assortment of motorised garden equipment for almost every possible use is produced under the brand name MTD. Hobby gardeners can select from a wide range of different products that all have one thing in common: they are user friendly, robust and tough. When you select an MTD-product, you select a long lasting companion for your gardening work.


                       MTD Headquarters in Cleveland Ohio, USA                                                   MTD Production                                                         



1932 - The Modern Tool and Die Company - in short MTD - is born in the USA.

1933 - MTD grows and buys its own die cutting tools and a rolling machine. The company starts the production of complete window constructions.

1936 - MTD produces its first radiator grill for the automobile industry.

1942 - During the 2nd World War MTD carries out tool and die work for large companies such as Goodyear.

1952 - MTD starts the production of bicycles and toys.

1954 - MTD produces garden equipment for the first time, with the production of its first wheelbarrow.

1958 - MTD produces its first rotary lawn mower. This sets the course for specialisation in the sector 'motorised garden equipment'

1970 - Back to the roots: with the take-over of the Ventzki GmbH in Germany, MTD returns to the European market.

1976 - MTD introduces the first lawn tractors with rear discharge to the European market and the Lawnflite brand is introduced into the UK.

1991 - MTD establishes branches in France, Austria, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark.

1996 - Tractor production begins in Saarbrucken. MTD manufactures today almost all of the lawn tractors for the European market in Saarland.

1998 - The central warehouse in Valmont, France is established.

2000 - MTD opens a factory in Hungary for the production of lawn mowers and signifcantly increases production capacity in Germany.

2001 - Further branches in Belgium, Italy and Switzerland are established.

2002 As a new branch, MTD Poland expands the distribution network in Eastern Europe.

2007 - In the 75th year, MTD once again, expands its production location in Saarbrucken.

2009 - Branches in Russia and Bulgaria are established. 

2014 - MTD produce the 1st World mower. Smart and Optima model production starts in Hungary.

2015 - The new OPC700 Sweeper was launched in 2015.


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